After KDE components update, please execute cache cleanup action automatically

Originated from: 2021-11-19 stable update breaks stock KDE Plasma themes - #3 by freggel.doe

System updates do not and will never delete files in any user’s home directory.


maybe plasma itself should have some cache validating feature then

To dictate or can explain?
If to dig into a problem, then you can start to respect to find solutions of problems which other users have and than we could find implementation ideas, but not that couple seconds of thinking answers.

If for some users that action could be classified as malicious, and for others it is well know to introduce strange behavior, glitches described on forums and even on wiki, then why not after update to ask user to clean the cache or not?

How to know at which level (a distro maintainers / KDE components) what problem should be discussed?

I’m finding this way too intrusive. Should we ask about everything we could do in home folder? We also often have some default settings updates etc etc etc.

By asking us I think, we could distinguish between distro and third-party software problems.

I’ll ask Nate if it’s known and what can be done.

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Probably you are kidding.
Even the Arch wiki have article about that (linked in the initial post).

Known to Arch and known to KDE are two different "known"s :joy:

I meant if it happens often and would they like to have it fixed.

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It’s pretty recent Plasma bug that cache is not invalidated. So hopefully we will get a fix soon.

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