After installing Windows 10 for dualbooting, my motherboard stopped seeing my hard drives

Hello everyone, before installing Windows 10 to dualboot, I disabled all my hard drives so windows won’t mess up with them, and after I installed it and plugged in all my linux hard drives my motherboard just stopped seeing themy but everything is plugged in. Help me please, I’m too afraid to lose 400$ worth of hard drives :frowning:

By doing what, exactly?

That’s because you “disabled” them, right? :wink:

Have you booted a live ISO and entered

sudo parted -l


sudo fdisk -l

to verify the disks status?

The way I understand your description, you unplugged all harddrives form the motherboard and installed Windows on a separate harddrive with nothing else on it, and plugged your Linux drives back in after the installation? Because last time I checked (ages ago though), Windows doesn’t want to be installed on disks that already have something on it. It basically assumes it’ll have the whole disk to itself, which is why you always have to install it before any other OS.