After installing tkinter I cant open the settings app, and some other stuff too

After i installed the tkinter using the software Add/Remove Software, I was prompted to restart the Computer. When I did that I found the python library tkinter to be working but the settings app was missing and so did VSCode and But there seem to be more Qt-things.
I think I can reinstall the apps but i dont know how to change my wifi settings and all that without the gui so that would be the main fokus.

Please send help!

That’s not an official Manjaro package, and it also doesn’t appear to be in the AUR. Is it perhaps a Snap, a FlatPak or an AppImage?

Oh I’m sorry i meant to add that the package name is extra/tk 8.6.12-1

ok i found that i could just reinstall gnome-control-center but i still cant open it

(gnome-control-center:12541): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: 23:30:19.646: Settings schema '' is not installed
zsh: trace trap (core dumped)  gnome-control-center

this is the error i get

I fixed! Hurry

I just installed the gnome-shell package and it was happy

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