After installing nvidia driver, my main panel disappear


After installing nvidia driver, my main panel disappear (place on the top of my display). If I uninstall the drive, the panel comes back. I have also a dock but there is no issue with it.

I am on Kde and I am using Latte.

Any tips to solve this issue are welcome.



Dual display by chance? Have you tried cleaning the cache and reboot the system for the second time?


Yes dual display

Sorry I am a Manjaro beginner. What do you mean by the cleaning the cache ?
sudo pacman -Sc
sudo paccache -r

I doesn’t change something.

Is is better to install nvidia without the dual display ?


rm -rf ~/.cache/*

But since you confirmed the dual display, it means that the /etc/X11/mhwd.d/nvidia.conf is defaulting the Primary display to the Monitor that is connected to the first port detected by BIOS, that doesn’t correspond to how you wanted to set them up, making the the “wrong” display for you as primary, hence moving the Panel there.
You can change what to be primary from Nvidia X Server Settings, or switch ports of your Monitors, but only if is not a Laptop …

Hi Christophe,

from my experience many strange things arise from not using the nVidia X Server settings.

Since I’m using a dual screen setup with one screen portrait and the other landscape it figured out that this is the tool to get rid of problems arising from more advanced display setups.

You can find a description on how to use it in this post:

Hello Both,

Thanks for info. I just reimport my latte config and now this is good. The panel on the top is well displayed. I will stay in this config and I will see if I have other issues.

Just for the info : I follow the instructions from here :