After installation I can only see one partition and its a read only

seems like i’ll have to install windows merge both the partitions and then come back to manjaro. Is that what are you suggesting?

Here you go, It shows its empty

  "name" : "DESKTOP-3MEH3NQ-Dg0",
  "guid" : "12f76c3a-b649-11ea-9ef3-3c91806d25d4",
  "volumes" : [
  "disks" : [

Yeah, ldmtool on linux can ONLY read and write on these partitions. So yes. That must be done on Windows.


That seems like a viable option if nothing works

Well, unless you’ve got space to backup everything, restore/convert/change the partitioning, then restoring the backups, it might be your ONLY option, not just viable.

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Did read the wiki article btw?

sudo ldmtool create all
ls /dev/mapper/
sudo mkdir -pv /media/work
sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/mapper/<LDM volume> /media/work

I tried it already idk why its says its unable to create volume volume 1 is disk group

Unable to create volume Volume1 in disk group 12f76c3a-b649-11ea-9ef3-3c91806d25d4: ldm_vol_DESKTOP-3MEH3NQ-Dg0_Volume1: Stacking NODE_DEL [verify_udev]
Unable to create volume Volume2 in disk group 12f76c3a-b649-11ea-9ef3-3c91806d25d4: ldm_vol_DESKTOP-3MEH3NQ-Dg0_Volume2: Stacking NODE_DEL [verify_udev]

Sorry, no idea then :man_shrugging:

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I installed gparted to check if its detecting my storage or not and it work perfectly fine

remove the space in the link below to see
imgur. com/a/K4LcDJq

@Mirdarthos @megavolt any thoughts on this?

:point_up_2: this…


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You mean sda1 and sda2? sda1 contains just metadata, which is needed. and the reserved partition sda2 is need by windows to boot, not necessary.

So effectively only sda3 contains data…

Ok now when i see it, gparted says i have around 70% of unallocated space(refer 1 st image link). does that mean it considers my both partitions as a whole, right? Then why does it shows two different partitions in my file system?(refer 2nd image link)

imgur. com/a/Lnx3uh4
imgur. com/a/uDYh697

Theses ones? That are not partitions, but the devices. Look at the Disk Model.

  • /dev/nvme0n1p2 → Filesystem
  • /dev/sda3 → Work

Yes the one is for ssd and othe rone is for hdd,
i meant if its seeing my 2 partitions as whole then why do i see 2 different ones in my file manager
refer this image
imgur. com/a/Lnx3uh4

ok well then stop here. Since you are really new on linux, please read this:

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Nevermind guys @Mirdarthos @megavolt Thanks for the help, i used gparted to merge these two partitions and it was good to go. Unfortunately i lost my data from that partition but i had a backup so no worries. I think the best solution to this is just merge your partitions before installing manjaro(this is just my opinion and im a total noob in Linux).

Thanks!! will check it out. if there are more resources i can take help from pls let me know.

And in general:

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