After dual boot MANJAARO with windows 11 date and time syncing error ocurred.Error is coming int windows 11 says : timeout occured and xcfe it is also not changing

xcfe dual boot with Windows 11 time is not showing correctly, and also, my Windows 11 timing is not synchronizing with internet time. I try every solution present on this forum and YouTube, too. None of them worked for me.
In the registry settings and services.msc section, I made changes as per the tutorial and steps given. All become useless.
In Manjaaro, I made changes according to the solution available in the forum, but they did not work for me.
Now I have no solution left, rather than doing it manually to change the date and time.
Pls Provide me soltuion which is genuily worked ?

You said you tested already everything. Just in case you overlooked it then:

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A Windows registry file with the following content:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


… is all that should be required. It may take a reboot or two afterwards to stabilize the time.

Changing this in Windows is the easiest approach. Why this works; basically because Linux bases time on UTC, and Windows devs failed to see the importance of doing the same, so based it on US local time, initially. This registry edit syncs both Windows and Linux; albeit not the most precise description. Cheers.