After cleaning up pacman, Manjaro doesn't start anymore

Are you being purposefully difficult?
Yes … things get fixed as they are noticed or necessary. Otherwise your manjaro system wouldnt work.
I didnt say anything about it being standard operating procedure to ignore bugs.

I am trying to understand why a bug which is known has not been fixed. If that question is difficult then I am sorry.

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It was fixed.
No less than 2 people (myself included) submitted patches to that tool when the issue was raised.

Oh then this post is wrong?

That post is from 2 weeks ago.
The patch happened about a month ago.
So … depending on how quickly the package got into stable … then they could have been correct or incorrect depending on exact timing and branch.

Notice this was already noted in response to that post?

I did not notice. I am sorry.

No worries. I thought you were pulling my leg :wink:

I forgot to update you,
The haveged solution did not work for me. :frowning:

I suppose the chroot patch/discussion is unrelated to this.

I would like to post logs / maybe a screen recording of what is happening. Good idea?

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