After changing Soundcard from Creative Soundblaster X-Fi to AE-5, several issues/bugs with ALSA/Pulse Audio

Hello guys,
Im using the newest stable manjaro rolling release 5.9.11-3 with KDE Plasma 5.20.4.

I replaced yesterday my brooken X-Fi with my new Creative Soundblaster AE-5 Soundcard, but when i first time booted up Linux, the sound on my Headphones is muted and Linux recognised the soundcard as Recond 3D/Z-Serie and forced the Device for Line Out Playback (that not even changed today) as the only available Option… This means no Headphone and only the 2 Frontspeaker are running out of the Box from my 5.1 Speaker System.

Audio Settings in KDE (Pavucontrol?) let me choose "Analog Stereo Output/Duplex), all other options are shown but bugged from 2.1/4.0/4.1/5.0/5.1 or Digital Stereo are shown up but muted and can’t unmuted (i think because of the Line Out problem) atleast not from inside the UI, speaker Testing showed also only Front Left/Right as the only possible Test in this Audio settings.

After looking yesterday how to solve my Problem, i found out to use Alsamixer UI inside the Terminal and activated the Headphones (Temporary) and also found out i could activate 5.1 Surround Sound (also Temporary).

But the Alsamixer settings won’t saved at all, after a quick OS restart all settings from this mixer going back to default, i need a way to save my settings… but i don’t know how to do this.

Is there a way to fix this issues with Pulse Audio/Pavucontrol to recognise my Card
or atleast to use a script for alsa or something like this… To copy this inside Linux Autostart?

Best Regards,

Having set alsamixer, in a second terminal
alsactl --file ~/.config/asound.state store
and to restore
alsactl --file ~/.config/asound.state restore

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Thanks for your help.
I’ am pretty new to Linux, how do i put this inside Autostart?
I create a .txt file in .config/autostart-scripts/ and use this code?

alsactl --file ~/.config/asound.state restore

Should this work?

And could i also create a second file? (sample): bsound.state
So i use asound.state then for Headphones
and bsound.state for Surround Sound if this is possible.

And is there a way to manually execute this restore command (alsactl --file ~/.config/bsound.state restore) maybe with just a mouseclick on a file just like on Windows .bat file?

I just need a fast and easy way to switch between 5.1 Speakers and Headphones, because Pavucontrol is buggy :space_invader:

You could enable both of them and let pavucontrol set the one you want .
Yes you can have multiple saves asound is just a name can be anything you like.

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How can i do this?

I just want to repeat,
Pavucontrol is total buggy with the Creative AE-5 and still show’s Line Out and don’t recognised/updated after i changed settings in alsamixer, between Line Out/Headphones/Surround Sound… Pavucontrol just don’t care and just mute everything when i switch between Analog Stereo Output and Analog Surround 5.1 Output and a message Pop up “No Output Device”.

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