Aegisub doesn't open on Manjaro Gnome 20.1.1

Hello guys,
I installed Aegisub from the official repositores and it doesn’t open.
I see the program name on the apps/task bar but it apears to be loading and after a few seconds nothing happens.
Does anyone have the same error and know how to solve it?
Thanks in advance.

yepp, just tested…

$ aegisub-3.2 
aegisub-3.2: symbol lookup error: aegisub-3.2: undefined symbol: FFMS_DoIndexing

(testing branch)

Edit: Seems to be a Problem with ffmpeg Aegisub/ffmpegsource_common.cpp at 6f546951b4f004da16ce19ba638bf3eedefb9f31 · Aegisub/Aegisub · GitHub

So is there a workaround (downgrading ffmpeg)?

I compiled and installed aegisub now. It works then.

pamac build aegisub-git

But downgrading ffms2 2.40.1 to ffms2 2.23.4 also helps.

Bugreport: FS#67950 : [ffms2] symbol lookup error with aegisub


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Thanks mate for giving out this solution…it’s working now :slight_smile:

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