Adwaita-maia got slimmer

We rebased Adwaita-maia to Adwaita-extended. Comparison:



I think we overlooked the element selection color part when in Files. It seems that Adwaita default uses that grey color hence is the same on our new theme, while on our old Maia we have the green (selection in the side panel of the Home)
Some of the old theme issue are gone, and that is great, also GTK2 application have the proper coloring, but for those that use also Adwaita-qt for Qt applications like Falkon, the accents remain blue or they have to switch to Kvantum …

Adwaita-qt can be “colorized” or follow a color-scheme in Krita and Kdenlive, as they have those options, but Falkon as most Qt applications will still use the default blue accents.

Thank you guys (@Chrysostomus @bogdancovaciu) for providing alternative themes, you do great work. It’s always nice to have a choice.

But me personally, I had to switch to Adwaita after this rebase, because it made my touchscreen harder to use. “Touchscreen friendliness” was one of the reasons I chose the GNOME edition in the first place.

It’s not an issue for me, i just switched, removed the Manjaro GDM theme/accents and went on with my work, I am writing this just to ask you to not forget about touchscreen use cases in the future.

Thank you for the feedback, we’ll add the full sized version back and make this an option

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Okay, Adwaita-maia package now contains both Adwaita-maia and Adwaita-maia-compact themes. Uploading now to unstable