Adwaita Icon theme

Hi all

Is there simple way to use the standard Adwaita icon theme and not have ugly or pixelated icons for non-standard tools.

Some of the worst icons with Adwaita are:

  • Manjaro settings
  • Software token
  • Avahi VNC
  • Hardware Locality Istopo

There are two solutions to this. First and easy one is to not use the Adwaita theme and use Papirus icon theme as it has better support for those applications.

Secondly, you can modify icons of a icon theme by specifying a different location for it’s Icon parameter in the .desktop file. Example for manjaro-hello application:

cp /usr/share/applications/manjaro-hello.desktop .local/share/applications
nano .local/share/applications/manjaro-hello.desktop
#change Icon parameter to /usr/share/icons/Papirus-Dark/32x32/apps/manjaro-welcome

Nice. This is very cool. Thank you. It means I can just replace the icons I don’t like with the ones from another theme.

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