Advice on (keyboard friendly) email clients

I love keyboard shortcuts, to me they are orders of magnitude faster than point and click with mouse.

Because of this I find each upgrade of Thunderbird looks better, but loses functionality. The latest issue for me is the address book: while the older version had a less intuitive look, navigation with keyboard shortcuts was easy and efficient. In the new version (102.3.3), keyboard navigation seems almost gone.

Where previously I could ctrl-tab through the sections in each “Address card” and hit shortcuts like ALT-E to go directly to the email field, I now find I have to point and click or tab through a lot of other fields to get there.

But before dragging in Evolution or Kmail, I’d like to hear some user opinions. Is Kmail keyboard friendly? Does Evolution work well on Plasma? Are there other clients I should consider?

It wasn’t designed for people with a phobia for pointing devices, but it does have a number of shortcuts defined by default, and others can be set via the usual way — i.e. through System Settings.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t, albeit that I don’t have any personal experience with it.

You probably want something that was designed for character-mode consoles and keyboard use only, such as alpine or mutt. Do however note that… :arrow_down:

  • alpine is not in the official repositories — you need to get it from the AUR; and…

  • mutt requires the underlying filesystem to be mounted with relatime or strictatime — it will not work with noatime.

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Don’t know about shortcuts but I love bluemail. It can handle all my accounts even office 365 and it syncs between all my devices

Mailspring is an option. Works fine for me.

Drop the mouse altogether. Use neomutt.

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I use Claws-Mail, it seems pretty keyboard friendly

Thanks for all suggestions, busy testing some of them now!

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