Advanced printing options for LBP2900B (toner density)

I have succesfully installed Canon LBP2900B printer on Manjaro KDE using AUR (en) - captdriver-git. I wanted to know if there is any interface for advanced printing options, like the one in Windows. More precisely, I want to change to increase toner density, disable toner save, change brightness and contrast settings. Is there any I can do it?

Normally this sort of thing would be handled through the CUPS interface. Click on the link below and it should open the page in your browser. :arrow_down:


The available printing options, accessed via lpoptions -p LBP2900 -l gives

PageSize/Media Size: *A4 A5 B5 Executive Folio Legal Letter SISG5 SISE5 SAC16K SAC32K 8x10 A4Small A4Plus A5Extra A6 B6 B7 DoublePostcard FanFoldGerman FanFo
ldGermanLegal ISOB5 ISOB5Extra ISOB6 ISOB7 LetterPlus Note Postcard PRC16K PRC32K PRC32KBig Quarto Statement Env10 EnvC5 EnvChou4 EnvDL EnvItalian 7x9 C6 Env
9 Env11 Env12 Env14 EnvC6 EnvC65 EnvChou3 EnvISOB5 EnvISOB6 EnvKaku3 EnvMonarch EnvPersonal EnvPRC1 EnvPRC2 EnvPRC3 EnvPRC4 EnvPRC5 EnvPRC6 EnvPRC7 EnvPRC8 E
nvYou4 Custom.WIDTHxHEIGHT
ColorModel/Color Mode: *Gray
captTonerSave/Toner Save: *False True
captManualDuplex/Manual Duplex: *False True
Resolution/Resolution: *600dpi
MediaType/Media Type: *Plain Heavy PlainL HeavyH Transparency Envelope

I cannot find a toner density option which is available in Windows.

in the cups web interface (localhost:631)

  • select printer
  • select this specific printer
  • choose “Administration” (not Maintenance)
  • choose “set standard settings” (I have a german interface - don’t know the precise translation)
    you get a menu with toner save on or off, toner density, media type, collate, image refinement, half tones, page size

That is under the “General” tab - there are also “Banner” and “rules” (or something, in german it’s “Richtlinien”)

I don’t see these options in the ‘General’ tab. No toner density option in Banners and Policies as well. What I see is this:

Hmm - this is what I see:

From the name (LBP2900 vs. LBP2900B) - it’s a slightly different model though.

… on second thought:
no, actually not a different model - the LBP2900B is just the name I gave it during set up.
which I did like this:

sudo lpadmin -p LBP2900B -m CNCUPSLBP2900CAPTK.ppd -v ccp://localhost:59687 -E
sudo ccpdadmin -p LBP2900B -o /dev/usb/lp0

The whole process is documented here:

Canon LBP2900 Probleme - #4 by Nachlese

Thnaks for the answer. In the linked post, you write sudo ccpdadmin -p LBP2900B -o /dev/usb/lp0. I get the message sudo: ccpdadmin: command not found. I also get lpadmin: Bad device-uri scheme "ccp". when I type sudo lpadmin -p LBP2900B -m CNCUPSLBP2900CAPTK.ppd -v ccp://localhost:59687 -E

This post assumes that you have installed the prerequisites - I can’t believe that your printer even actually works without having installed
capt-src (from AUR)
and then set it up.

You need that for this Canon printer to work.

I refer to this:

CUPS/Printer-specific problems - ArchWiki

which links to this:

Canon CAPT - ArchWiki

where it is described.


ahh, I see
You used this instead:

There is also an open source CAPT driver in early alpha stage not described here, available as captdriver-gitAUR.

… don’t - it’s early alpha, as they say
and I don’t know whether it even works or how to set it up/use it.

Ah! I am not sure why I installed the alpha stage driver; I guess I tried installing the capt-src driver a few months back, but it didn’t work. Anyway, I shall install the capt-src driver now and see if it works.

I was able to install capt-src driver, available from AUR: AUR (en) - capt-src. The python2 (a dependency) package (from AUR) does not build properly (it has been deprecated). I was able to install python2 binaries available from here: Is there any way to install python2 binary? - #9 by koshikas. Now, I have both the drivers installed (as two different printers).

beware, those packages from arch-archive are not updated for latest patches since python2 package is no longer maintained

I’m on Arch - not on Manjaro, but that does not matter here in this case.
And I answered here just as I had installed this printer driver a few minutes earlier.

I’m sure that there is no python2 dependency involved with this driver package!

That came from something else on your system, likely another AUR package.
I’m also pretty sure that it is safe to remove it - along with what caused it be be requested.

There are threads here dealing with this python2 “issue”.

Hmm. libglade is required for capt-src and libglade optionally requires python2: libglade-convert script.

I’m sorry. I was so sure - but I didn’t look.
python2 indeed was pulled in during the build
but I didn’t notice, because there was no problem
and I opted to remove the build dependencies as well - so I had it, bu do not have it anymore.

I just saw it when I looked in the yay cache.

I said it already - I’m on Arch. No problem for me with that python2.

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