Administration privilege

Peace be upon you
I have a question on admin permissions on manjaro when I was on ubuntu when I was log in with my administration account I had all admin privileges but on manjaro, I don’t have all privileges the root user did . but I didn’t make this user , didi I make something wrong in the installation or how to get all privileges like the root user

The root account in Manjaro is the same as in Ubuntu.

With all syadmin permissions.

Ubuntu is not Manjaro

Which privileges do you miss?

The first user created on Manjaro is member of the following groups lp, network, power, wheel and this is usually all that is needed.

The wheel group is granted access to everything using a drop-in file in /etc/sudoers.d

%wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL

This effectively makes it possible for that first user to do all possible system maintenance using elevated privileges.


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