Adjusting Title Bar Icons and Other Accessibility Options

I am trying to set up a raspberry pi powered Zoom-client box for some elderly friends of mine (they’re in their 90’s…) Manjaro actually worked the best browser-side with Zoom, but now I am having some other complications in getting it ready for them.

Here, I specifically want to ask if there is a way to enlarge various aspects of the GUI, such as the ‘Close’, ‘Minimize’, and ‘Maximize’ icons in the titlebar. I’ve already just tried scaling the display, but that unnecessarily enlarges the zoom session as well, making it harder for them to interact with it’s interface, and making it harder to see their friends.
I also want to make the mouse cursor larger as well. I am currently using XFCE because it stated it was minimal (which I thought was good for the pi) but if another interface is better, please let me know.

I know in Windows they had accessibility options to do these things that made icons larger without just scaling every aspect of the display up. Is there anything similar in Manjaro?

whats the resolution of the screen?
i have bad eyes sometimes, my screen default is 1920x1080, i use 1280x720 when i need a bigger screen.

I have adjusted the resolution of the screen already as well. However, being in their 90’s, the icons are still a little too small, I fear. I appreciate the suggestion, though.

In general the buttons have a fixed size. You will have to use a different theme with bigger buttons or scale up each file at /usr/share/themes. Sadly there no instant scale on XFCE.

For example Default-xhdpi:


You can search here for example for hi-dpi themes for xfwm4:

Just extract it to ~/.local/share/themes/. If the folder is not there, then just create it.

if you want you can create your own.
i ordered me a raspad 3.0, so i’m prepping this install for touch.

install wmctrl & create a launcher.
wmctrl -c :ACTIVE:

i suggest the top right corner. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! This gave me what I needed. Clever idea.

warning, found a bug in xfwm.
if clicked when no windows, it’ll close session/log you out.

i’m using on mine, was trying to work around.
xdotool key alt+F4

same bug, they have a bug bounty on it, no current fix.

xdotool is much more easier to work with cause you can use any keyboard shortcut, even create keyboard shortcuts to use.

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