AdGuard or Pi-Hole

Ad-Guard or Pi-Hole, which one is better, which one should I install on my RPI 4?

I use Pi-Hole, and can really recommend it. It’s also installable on Ubuntu, so your config can transfer easily.

Never heard of Ad-Guard.

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Look here:

OK, I read quickly. And my opinion is:

Pi-Hole is still good enough for me. At least at this stage. I’s easy to setup and it’s network-wide. And Ad-Guard will require more CPU-power. it seems. Not a lot maybe, I don’t know, but more. Albeit only later.

One limitation that can be the deciding factor, is the blocking of sponsored ads. If you’ve got a lot of those bothering you, then Ad-Guard might be a better idea. If only eventually. But keep in mind that to block those kinds of ads, the webpage being viewed must be parsed, and the contents filtered, before being served to the viewer. Leading to the increased CPU usage mentioned earlier.

So, I’m still sticking to Pi-Hole.


I’m also not sure how it’ll filter anything in an encrypted page…

Both are DNS-based filters.

I think you can take full control of Pi Hole greater than Ad Guard.

Thanks @all for the replies.In the meantime I have installed Pi-Hole on my old RPI 2 with RaspberrypiOS and will catch up in the next days on the RPI 4 with Manjaro.

I used adguardhome as it have more details than pi-hole.
and adguard is deployed on my NanoPiE with Opnsense running.
SO it is firewall using opnsense and DNS Server at the same time using adguard.

You can try both and see which works best for you.

Good Luck.

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