Additional Themes for xfce4-screensaver?

Are additional themes available for xfce4-screensaver? If there are, how can they be installed?

You would have to look through the xfce4-screensaver documentation. None of us use it.

Which screensaver would you recommend (if any)?

I don’t run ARM and I am not recommending here, but in the extra repository there is xscreensaver. I downloaded and extracted out the .zst. There seem to be 249 files that appear to be screensaver themes. I placed one with my xfce4-screensaver Default themes but it was not recognized so they appear incompatible with each other. I am happy with xfce4-screensaver since I ditched light-locker and won’t install xscreensaver as I just go to Blank screen after some time anyway. If it is available for ARM, maybe it is worth a try?

I had installed xscreensaver at some point but had problems with it. xfce4-screensaver is working for me so I will stick with the limited number of themes for now. Thanks for the reply.

I found an FAQ on xfcedotorg that described how to use xscreensaver themes in xfce4-screensaver. I tried one theme and the process gave a satisfactory result in xfce4-screensaver.

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Just build xscreensaver-backends from AUR to get fancy themes.

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thank you thats what i was looking for <3