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The Manjaro Printing Wiki says:

Note that you may need to add yourself to the sys group. To do this, us the command:

sudo gpasswd -a yourusername sys

But that did not work for me on Majaro 20.1 KDE edition.

Instead, what wroked was:

sudo gpasswd -a yourusername cups

Please amend the Wiki to include this as well.

Usually this is not necessary as the first user on Manjaro is member of the groups

lp network power wheel

where lp is the group which can add/remove/control printers.

If however - when you add additional user(s) - if needed you will have add group permissions on a need to basis.

I found it strange too. I was already a member of sys, wheel, and lp. Yet I could not delete a printer.

I have attached a screenshot of the authentication window I got. Looks like I cannot embed an image to the post. Let me know if you need to see it (address? is below).


Even though I was a member of the above three groups, authentication failed (infinite loop) until I made myself a member of cups.

If this behaviour is an artefact of something else that is amiss, kindly clarify what it is.


When you initially install the system - you have the option of setting the password for the new user and root.

If you choose the option of using the same password for both accounts, you may - rarely though - run into issues.

Depending whether you use the system-config-printer utility or the cups web interface on localhost:631 you need to specify the root password.

This can create confusion if you are using the same password for root and user and the password is not accepted.

My personal solution is - always use a different password for root.

I use the same password for both the first user and root.

I generally use KDE System Settings to manage printers, but strangely, in my new installation, release 20.1, there is no such option to configure printers.

I am now using System -> Manage Printing from the Application Menu as that is the only one available for this purpose, AFAICT.

That leads directly to http://localhost:631/ and the CUPS interface on the browser, and to what I have already documented so far.

There is a package cups-pk-helper which allows cups to interact with polkit.

This package could make the difference you are looking for - if you have the package - I am still at loss.

Strangely, cups-pk-helper was already installed on my system (automatically, I suppose). And I am getting the reported behaviour despite that.

I think the cause of the problem is the disappearance of printer setup under System Settings in KDE. When and why it disappeared is unknown to me. If you use KDE, can you please confirm this?

Thank you.

No, cannot confirm. HardwarePrinters is still available on my system. Try to launch it via terminal:

$ kcmshell5 kcm_printer_manager

edit: The relevant package is called printer-manager. Check if it’s still installed on your system.

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Could not find module 'kcm_printer_manager'. See kcmshell5 --list for the full list of modules.

pacman -Ss printer-manager does not produce output. Same with trizen-Ss printer-manager.

Interestingly, trizen -Ss print-manager gives

extra/print-manager 20.08.0-1 [kde-applications kde-utilities] A tool for managing print jobs and printers

but strangely, it is not installed by default from the live USB. I think it should be installed by default.

In any case, installing print-manager brings up Printers under Hardware in System Settings.

Thanks @freggel.doe. Problem solved. :relaxed:

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