Adding support for alternative init systems

In the wake of the recent xz backdoor and it’s relation to systemd, I’m curious if support for other init systems like OpenRC or runit would be considered (particularly OpenRC as Manjaro has supported it in the past).

would that have helped avoiding the issue?

… yes or no … :zipper_mouth_face:

This isnt a systemd issue.
(despite what some flailing comments made in certain threads may have you believe)

I’ll just copy from one of the 'issue page’s

If ubuntu was running on something like OpenRC, I would bet money they would have had similar patches in place for linking, and targeting whatever makeup that ecosystem has would have been similarly attractive to the same bad actors.

I suppose you could take the stance that simply using something less commonly implemented will bring you a certain level of security … but … thats a whole concept that would take longer than this post to delve into.





No matter what OS or init system is being used, there will always be security issues and they will always be addressed.