Adding or removing kernels in case of kernel-boot

I was intrigued by this article by @linux-aarhus: Convert to systemd-boot.

My question is, will mhwd-kernel or Manjaro Settings Manager be aware of this sort of configuration, or will they only update grub?

Thanks, and good article by the way @dalto!

mhwd-kernel is a wrapper script - and in my experience there’s no issues related to mhwd-kernel.

All credit to @dalto as the original author.

I can confirm (well, on my system at least) that it does not interfere anyway with mhwd-kernel.

Updating grub and/or updating systemd-boot is done by pacman hooks which run after the installation of a kernel. It has nothing to do with mhwd-kernel.

If you use the kernel-install method, it should automatically add boot entries as you add and remove kernels in mhwd-kernel.

If you use the manual method, you will have to manually add them.

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