Adding Financials Extension to Libreoffice

I’ve just installed Manjaro, and I need to install the Financials Extension for Libreoffice (GitHub - cmallwitz/Financials-Extension: Extension for LibreOffice Calc to access stock market data)
Appart from the extension file, it is necessary to install some other packages, but I can’t find them for Manjaro (Arch). These packages (for Ubuntu) are:
libreoffice-dev libreoffice-java-common libreoffice-script-provider-python
Do you know what are the equivalent packages in Manjaro?
Thanks in advance for your attention.
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Just search for package here:, get the file list and cherry pick a path or filename and search it on your system. For example:

    ~  pamac search -f /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/                                           ✔ 
/usr/lib/libreoffice/program/ is owned by libreoffice-fresh
/usr/lib/libreoffice/program/ is owned by libreoffice-still

Et voila. You know that this is not a separate package like on Ubuntu, but is included in the standard package.

However the content of the quoted Ubuntu packages are included in libreoffice-fresh or libreoffice-still, as I see.

This must be: libreoffice-still-sdk or libreoffice-fresh-sdk, probably needed if you need to compile.

So needed would be:

  • libreoffice-fresh libreoffice-fresh-sdk
  • libreoffice-still libreoffice-still-sdk

Thanks for your attention!
Well, I’ve installed the packages you suggest (first -still libreoffice and later on -fresh ones), but I still have the same problem, so I guess that the problem is elsewere.

Well you didn’t describe a problem…

At least I used the git repo and it works… not sure if correctly, but it seems so…

Those are used for building the extension, you just need to download the .oxt file and install it via LibreOffice extensions manager.

That extension only needs python to run, which is already installed if you have libreoffice-fresh package installed.

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These packages seem to be required before building the Financials Extension, and not for it to function; unless I misread it.


You will need the LibreOffice SDK installed.
On my system (Ubuntu) I installed packages: \
libreoffice-dev \
libreoffice-java-common \

# depending on your location...
cd ~/tech/IdeaProjects/Financials-Extension/
python3 -m unittest discover src

# This builds file Financials-Extension.oxt

You should be able to download it and install it as per the usual method. LO Extensions typically don’t require additional dependencies. Cheers.

Thanks, I’ve followed the steps to compile it, and it works!
I was trying to add the .oxt file downloaded from github, and was getting an weird message.
So it’s solved.
Thanks all!

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