Adding chmod script to startup Manjaro KDE (Ambilight CHMOD)

Hi there,
I am quite new to Manjaro. I have Ambilight lighting system but it only starts once I run “sudo chmod 777 /dev/ttyUSB0”.
I want to know how to run an autoscript for this command to run at startup.

Thank you.


Not quite sure why you want to do that. AFAIK hyperion package does provide some ambilight functionality … but probably best is to use the package from AUR.

You can run from terminal:
pamac build

For this part i rather recommend this, and should be straight forward:

Make a systemd unit like the following:

Description=Change chmod on /dev/ttyUSB0

ExecStart=/usr/bin/chmod 777 /dev/ttyUSB0


Make/save it, eg, as /etc/systemd/system/set-chmod.service

Then: systemctl daemon-reload and systemctl enable --now set-chmod.service: will start on every system startup; you can also manually execute it:
systemctl start set-chmod.service

Thank you very much Dave, this solved my problem and it was straight to the point.

I have tried installing Hyperion however I am not sure it has a GUI since I haven’t been able to run it. I installed all dependencies but I just don’t know how to run it.

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