Adding battery level indicator for limepanel

Hello all,

I just installed manjaro-bspwm on my ThinkPad. I’m fairly new to using Linux, had used Mint cinnamon for a year and then switched to Manjaro plasma, and now to bspwm. I know how to run some basic CLI commands, but my panel has no battery indicator and I hope someone can tell me where to start.


Looks like limepanel was developed by @Chrysostomus. Would you know how to fix this issue?

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maybe start here

Thanks. It seems the problem might be that I have two batteries, and the limepanel config file lists BAT*, so maybe there’s an error because I have both a BAT0 and BAT1? I tried making a copy of the file and editing it to specify BAT0 instead of BAT*, but I don’t know how to set autostart to load my file instead of the original. I don’t know where to find the file that specifies limepanel at login.

  1. Copy /usr/bin/limepanel to ~/.bin/mypanel
  2. Edit mypanel to your liking
  3. Replace limepanel with mypanel in your autostart.

thank you, but what ‘autostart’ file do I edit? I searched for all files with autostart in the name and I couldn’t find the one that opens limepanel

Hi. I think you should look for autostart file at ~/.config/bspwm directory.

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Thanks. I’ve got it to autostart my limepanel script. Now I just have to figure out how to fix the errors. This is what I’m getting:

~/.bin/mylimepanel: 1: ~/.limepanelrc: s#ionicons: not found
~/.bin/mylimepanel: 232: autoalsaconf: not found
~.bin/mylimepanel: 126: [: /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/: unexpected operator
/usr/bin/ 1: ~/.limepanelrc: s#ionicons: not found

I think if I knew a little more about bash scripting, these errors would be easy to fix!

I replaced BAT* with BAT0 in line 126 of ~/.bin/mylimepanel , and this gave me a battery indicator for BAT0 up top. I’ll still have to look into how to get a reading for both batteries, but this is good enough for now. Thanks guys

If you want to learn some scripting, you are welcome to use limepanel and modify it as you need. But if you want something easier to configure, you can try polybar.

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thanks! I’ll check it out

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