Add Zorin logo on GRUB entry

How do I put Zorin logo on Boot menu like Manjaro logo?


Done - added zorin and zorinos loogos (631beb08) · Commits · Artwork / branding / grub-theme · GitLab
the package will need rebuild …

It should come with the update of grub-theme-manjaro - thanks to @Yochanan for taking care of it and pushing it to all branches.

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So I just need to update GRUB via terminal the usual way?
WoW I will check this later…

Not grub but the theme and then next reboot should all be fine.

If I update GRUB in Manjaro Terminal won’t it update the theme too?

No. You have to update to the latest package of grub-theme-manjaro
Grub and the grub theme are two different packages. Once the theme has an update you have to install it/update it.
sudo update-grub is required if you modify /etc/default/grub

I think I did it.
Had to copy/paste the icons folder to replace the old one.

There was no need to overwrite any files, the update of grub-theme-manjaro would have been enough as we pushed to all branches that update, but whatever works for you …

Eventually I did that like you said.

Thank you.

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