Add system dictionary for Basque language

Manjaro is missing system dictionary for Basque language, what is a pity.

I suppose this happens because aspell-eu package does not exist. But Debian and derived systems do have Basque dictionary, because they use hunspell-eu (this package is in AUR but I’m unable to install it).
So could it be possible to add hunspell-eu as default system-dictionary package for Basque language? This would ease a lot the workflow for Basque people!

Or at least, it would be great to have that package on official repos

Hi. I think it is hunspell-eu-es in the AUR

Package Base: hunspell-eu-es
Description: Basque hunspell dictionary

What is your problems to install it from AUR? … FAILED
==> ERROR: At least one file has not passed the validity verification!
error downloading sources: hunspell-eu-es

More or less translation

Anyway, my petition was about including it officially in the system.

Today I achieved to install it!

Would it be possible to have that package added permanently for basque (eu) locales by default? Otherwise that locale is missing a dictionary