Add system-config-printer dependence to manjaro-printer

Recently, I acquired a brother printer, so I installed the manjaro-printer package bundle. But when I go to the printer manager and click on the add printer button, I got an obscure red message talking about org.fedora printer file missing. It took me 15 mins to figure out that system-config-printer package was missing. After I installed this package, everything worked as intended. It is why I suggest adding system-config-printer as a dependence of manjaro-printer.

Btw I am using manjaro KDE flavor.



Depending on how you installed the manjaro-printer - if you look at the Pamac UI for that package, the system-config-printer is an optional dependency, and if is not installed by other packages that require it, you should have been prompted to install it as an option. Unless you skipped that, then you had to later manually install it. Is set so because is a GTK CUPS printer tool and configuration applet.

CUPS can be configured via http://localhost:631/ web interface, hence only if you want the desktop interface you install the system-config-printer

See reference on Printing - Manjaro


In a standard install from xfce iso manjaro-printer is installed but the dependency system-config-printer is not?
So whoever made the install iso did choose not to install that dependency i guess? It would be nice if that can change to install system-config-printer?

It is not a required dependency - it is optional - and therefore not strictly required for printing to work.

Sure not required for printing but for setting up a printer it does make sence

Already explained and also present in the wiki

That includes XFCE, so you can add the printer anytime from there.

I used sudo pacman -S manjaro-printer to install the packages, and it does not suggest anything to install aside.
Maybe this is not an unexpected behavior?

A reason why Manjaro provides Pamac as CLI and UI … :upside_down_face: it will prompt for those.

Yes I didn’t know which one to use between those two commands (I switched to Manjaro 8 months ago from the kubuntu/ubuntu world and the two seems quite similar).

I understand the big difference now :rofl:

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