Add rusticl from mesa as default OpenCL driver

I have been playing with OpenCL drivers in my system. Until today, I was using rocm-OpenCL driver for it, but since the version 6.0.0 of rocm broke my system, I had to freeze the version to 5.7.1 to continue using my OpenCL apps. This will eventually cause some problems as the rocm driver is really buggy, and I was expecting some graphical glitches to be solved.

Anyway, I went up installing rusticl just to test, BOOM!!, all glitches solved! I just installed it, no configuration needed.

Feature request : Add rusticl from mesa as default OpenCL driver (currently disabled, why?)

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maybe wait for version 6.0 rocm

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it doesn’t work! 6.0 rocm segfaults everywhere and make kernel panics. It almost broke my system (Thanks Timeshift!)

To the record, I use an RX580 Polaris10 card

I’m pretty sure that ROCm 6.0 completely dropped support for anything older than RDNA1 (RX 5000 series).

Personally I’ve found it safer and cleaner to use docker containers for ROCm. There is no performance penalty that I’ve noticed and no chance of breaking your system because the ROCm driver is only installed inside the container. YMMV.

Default where? Disabled where? :thinking:

In mesa it is not installed by default, you need to manually install opencl-rusticl-mesa, therefore it is not default. For new users or new installation on amd cards there is no openCL driver by default. therefore opencl is “disabled” as no features other than basic functionality is present.

Both opencl-clover-mesa and opencl-rusticl-mesa were erroneously added to our ISO profiles. They both cannot be installed at the same time. Since the former comes before the latter alphabetically, the former is installed by default. I’ve removed them as it’s up to the user to decide which they need. OpenCL drivers are not normally needed. They’re optional for a reason.

You’re contradicting yourself.

Flawed logic. Nothing is “disabled”.

Strangely, I had none of those two packages installed. All my opencl apps just didn’t start without warnings. I used the rocm driver to solve this but it created a lot of issues for me. Anyway, rusticl works very well out of the box, just saying.

BTW: rusticl is making it’s way into pytorch OpenCL 3.0 support: support every GPU on earth through rusticl · Issue #87350 · pytorch/pytorch · GitHub

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