Add/Remove Software: Increasing the timeout for not asking password again?

I have been testing a lot of new apps in Add/Remove Software. That is, I install/remove a lot of them in one session. The problem is that even though I kept being logged on, the Add/Remove Software kept running, and my computer was not put to sleep or locked (by inactivity), it constantly showed the password dialogue again. I have not measured it, but my guess is that the time out is like 3 minutes or something? So, if I install something, test it for a few minutes, and try to uninstall it, it asks me for the password again. This is very annoying.

Can I make Add/Remove Software not ask for password again until it is restarted? Or at least increase the timeout to something like an hour? Yeah, security is important, but there should be some balance between security and usability.

Maybe. The thing that asks for the password is polkit. So to configure how often the password is asked, you need to configure polkit. Here are some examples of custom polkit configuration:

You may also be interested in the auth_admin_keep option: