Add/Remove question please on symbols

I have a wine-staging package blocked from updating (as another critical app will break), however it still comes up when running check for updates. It has a circular arrow next to it instead of the down arrow.

Does this mean it won’t be updated? There are several other apps awaiting updating but I have been putting them off as I didn’t know if the wine-staging would get updated too, even though I had blocked it (well I think i did anyway)

If wine-staging is in the ignore list, then will not be updated. You can check that in /etc/pacman.conf and look for IgnorePkg =

Thanks - that command is marked as “not found” on my system/

It has been set on the ignore list, but I was wondering why it still keeps coming up in the updates search?
And further, what the circular arrow means, when other updates have a down arrow. I have a hunch it DOES mean it won’t be upgraded but hunches are not facts!

Logically, I would have thought if an app is blocked it would not show at all.

Is not a command. This is a command:

grep -F 'IgnorePkg' /etc/pacman.conf

ans will print out that entire line if is commented or if has an entry there.

Is still installed on your system, and you might want to remove it at some point, or know is there and in the repository, right? Obfuscating it all together would be more misleading than not showing it.

ahhh, ok gotcha…thanks

re the blocking - yeah that makes sense. I ran the update and the wine did not get changed so I guess that circular arrow means there is an update available but it won’t get done as it is blocked.

Thanks again for your help :slight_smile: