Add out of the box flatpak gtk application themes for kde plasma users

Hi everyone.
I recently switched to Manjaro kde, and it does not support out of the box flatpak theming of gtk application on kde plasma users (compare to kubuntu and kde neon which does).

After a few hours of looking around, I found a convenient solution (not present in the Manjaro forum or even the arch forum). To enable this functionality, users need to install the gtk themes similar to the one used in kde (as for other distros) but also run these commands:

sudo flatpak override --filesystem=xdg-config/gtk-3.0:ro
sudo flatpak override --filesystem=xdg-config/gtk-4.0:ro

You need to run these commands only once, it affects immediately and it is resistant to reboot.

There is a flatpak issue there about this problem: [Feature request]: Allow runtimes setting permissions · Issue #4633 · flatpak/flatpak · GitHub

For now, it seems to be up to distros to include or not this functionality by setting /var/lib/flatpak/overrides/global as follows (that file does not exist by default):


I think it is a necessary change as it is the expected behaviour by users coming from Kubuntu and kde neon. Moreover, some Manjaro users may want this without knowing what to do (as it is not stated in the flatpak documentation).

Thanks for the time taken to consider my suggestion :smile:


Thanks for that… I am new to Flatpaks and migrating to them in next release of my Distro, and I have applied those settings into it with success… I second the idea that Manjaro devs should include by default as Flatpaks are quickly becoming the future …

Even though I have my own Distro I still have Manjaro on my Plex Server installed 2 years ago going strong :wink:

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The idea behind Snaps, FlatPaks and AppImages is that they would be distribution-agnostic. If you want the software on your system to be fully integrated with the rest of the system, then you should avoid Snaps, FlatPaks and AppImages, because they are containerized.

Just because Manjaro offers support for installing Snaps, FlatPaks and AppImages, does not mean that we would be packaging those ourselves.

Snaps, FlatPaks and AppImages are technically third-party software. They are not maintained by the Manjaro developers. As such, you should direct your request to the developers of the individual Snaps, FlatPaks and AppImages that you wish to use.


Doing the two first commands I mentioned in my OP make all my flatpak apps fully integrated with the rest of my system (as it is expected by end users).
If Manjaro does not want to package flatpak themselves, that is fine by me, I understand it is hard work.

My suggestion is to add one file on the system after installing flatpak nothing more that require packaging flatpak. It can be added as a default config for all new installation of Manjaro and have the potential to improve the experience of new coming users to let them stick with the distro.

For me, it is like AUR support by Manjaro, you do not support apps on AUR, but you provide tools to make the end-user experience nicer (with pamac). My suggestion is in that direction, I do not propose to support all flatpak applications, but to enable theming on flatpak apps by default.

“Those who do not understand UNIX are doomed to reinvent it… poorly.”

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That would mean that even if flatpak is not installed nor enabled on a pristine system - ISO maintainers should prepare by creating a global override for a - on the ISO - non existing distribution methods application handling?

While you may think it is a good idea - I can tell you - it is not.

In the 1 in a ten-thousands event - someone actually install and enable flatpak support - and they expect the package function and layout described on the apps homepage - but they get something completely different - what then?

If a user is determined to use one the unsupported installation methods - AUR, flatpak, snap or appImage - then the user is required to know what they are doing - as any of those methods are unsupported.

Ouch - I went out on limp now

I have a vivid recollection of the furore and dissatisfaction when it was decided to add basic snap support to the ISO. Support that was added because some very vocal users claimed it was absolutely necessary for the future of Manjaro.

I don’t think we should add any more so-called convenience methods to Manjaro. It is enough already with AUR - where we had all too long accepted the heap of support issues and complaints when users precious custom packages stopped working after an update or they stopped being compatible - after several years now - we are beginning to get through with the message that

AUR, snap, flatpak and appImage installation type is available - the responsibility lies with the user - the eventual incompatibility lies with the developer - not Manjaro - not ever.


Oh ok no problem, I understand your perspective.
At least my OP will help some users when they face theming inconsistency with flatpaks apps :smile:

Thanks for the time taken to answer me :wink:

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And that is great.

Thank you for taking the time to write and post it.

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