Add icon to local application.desktop file?

I have already successfully compiled lazarus from source and added it to my Application Launcher.
It was necessary to compile from source because I am on a Pinebook Pro with an ARM64/aarch64 processor.
I have a working ~/.local/share/applications/lazarus.desktop file

How can I get a nicer icon?

I tried editing the Icon entry like this

but it doesn’t show.

if I use this entry

then I get an icon but, but obviously not a nice one.

What am I doing wrong?

thanks, DNJ

The local path (~) is probably not expanded.
Try replacing the tilde by the full path that you want to use i.e. /home/yourusername/.icons/lazarus-icon.png


Thank you for replying.
I swapped out the ~ for /home/philip but it made no difference.
The other thing is that the exec= line also has a ~ in it and lazarus does execute when I click on it.
There must be some other reason.
The png file is 256x256 pixels; is that too big?

I scaled it down to 64x64 and it still doesn’t display.

  1. copy the icon to the Unix Shared Resources directory:

    sudo cp ~/.icons/lazarus-icon.png /usr/share/pixmaps/
  2. Then use:



Thank you. This helped.

I looked in /usr/share/pixmaps

I found that there were two other images in there already both 48x48 in xpm format.

I converted my icon and saved it to /usr/share/pixmaps/lazarus-icon.xpm and now it works.

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See this answer, which mentions:

  1. $HOME/.icons (for backwards compatibility)
  2. $XDG_DATA_DIRS/icons , which typically just means ~/.local/share/icons .
  3. /usr/share/pixmap

See also:


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