Add extra toggle in gui for --user instead of using --system

I wanted to ask if we could add an extra toggle to the GUI for the software installer “Add/Remove Software”

I recently found out you can have your flatpak applications stored in your home directory instead of your root folder. I have what I thought was a decently sized root partition at 150 gigs, but its being used by 20 gigs from just flatpak. If I had a way to make sure things were installed on my much larger home partition by just using Flatpaks built in switch “–user” instead of “–system” it would work correctly and not fill up my root partition with user apps.

Just an idea. Thoughts?

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I don’t much care for using Flatpak at all; however, that’s a great idea. I’m uncertain where you’d be best placing the question; or, whether Arch or Manjaro devs have any control over switches; but you might also pose that question to Flatpak themselves via their forum or mailing list.

Getting a toggle like that in pamac is imho a very good idea.
No idea if it’s doable or not though.