Add dotnet-sdk-6.0

Hey guys could you add dotnet-sdk-6.0 to the Arm64 repo as it is also available for Arm64 :slight_smile:

Would be awesome to install jellyfin and jellyfin-server on a pi4 and run a media center for example as well as it being useful for other software that uses it.


You have it in AUR. 10 different versions.

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Clone the package dotnet-core-bin from AUR then run makepkg.

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yeah but it’s already on the Manjaro official repo just not on the Arm64 repo yet, I’d rather rely on a official stable package :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s Awesome but wouldn’t you agree it would be better and less work for you or other users if it was on the Manjaro Arm64 repo like it is on the Manjaro x64 repo? :slightly_smiling_face:

The packages in the repo is inherited from Arch and they are different from this custom package. This the only one which really works for development purposes.

Trust me I know - I am working on a PWA Blazor application - and for my usage the custom package is the only one which provides the necessary content.

Ah I see but what about people who rely on the dotnet-sdk-6.0 for non developer stuff like Jellyfin for example? Since it’s already in the x64 repo and is on Arm64 you could just use the same PKGBUILD file and build a Arm64 package.

If you need the SDK then it is development.

Well for jellyfin it’s just a dependency to make it work, couldn’t you guys build a Amr64 package and put it in the repo regardless?

What does that even mean? Do you think when package from AUR gets put into a repo, that it somehow changes?

Anyhow, in dotnet’s case, if anything is official it’s AUR package - it’s downloaded directly from microsoft.

Yes, because it’s so much work to type 1 line command. By that logic you can put 100k packages from AUR into repo - you want dotnet, that other guy wants this and that, and the third one uses this…etc. - and make few people maintain them, because they have too much time anyway.

What I mean is yes it’s the same package but it’s way more “trustworthy” and convenientwhen it’s on the official Manjaro repo than a community package, again it’s already there they just need to make a Amr64 package so what difference would it make?

Lol that isn’t 1 line also it’s a bunch of unneeded manual work to build and maintain the package youself manually instead of just having them add it to the repo, by that same logic you can say it’s really not that hard to just build it and put it on the repo.

Again not to stress it enough or repeat myself but it’s already on the repo, I’m not asking for much. :slightly_smiling_face:

First of all, ARM and x64 are two completely different architectures, so it’s like saying there is already firefox so what difference does it makes if they add chrome, if not worse.

Second of all, manjaro imports already built x64 package from arch. They don’t build it at all.

Huh what, are you for real? You literally write 1 line to install it. Are you AUR maintainer of dotnet-sdk-bin package? No? Then don’t complain, you have to do ZERO work.
And as I already said, AUR one just downloads it from official sources and copies it under various dirs, so it’s not like your CPU has to do any extra work either.

Ah so when you add it into repo, then all the work needed you just mention is gone. It just works forever.

Sure. One package doesn’t make a lot of difference. But it does a little. And you aren’t alone. There are thousands of users that would want just that one package in repo, so that it’s more convenient for them. And that adds up quickly.

Anyway, I’m not in any shape or form part of manjaro team, so it makes no difference to me. And I don’t speak for them. This is just my own opinion/take on this in general.

We can’t go around and add a package just because a user might need it.

The package in question, has an AUR package that seems to build for aarch64, so you could download the tarball, extract it and just run makepkg -sci, which will build and install the package and it’s dependencies.

And, as Jellyfin is also in the AUR, you would need to use AUR anyway for that.

Or you can skip all this, and just install Jellyfin via Docker.

I think you are totally misreading what I am saying/asking about, never mentioned x64 and arm64 where the same thing, I was simply mentioning that the package exists in both x64 and arm64 and would be more consist and convenient for users to between architectures by having the existing Arm64 version in the repos since the x64 version already exists in Manjaro’s repos.

Not talking about installing the package, why are you so defensive and upset for? why would I need to install the AUR package when on x64 Manjaro it already exists on the repo for example?

Your right I wouldn’t be the only one wanting it and for the reasons I mentioned above it would be great for everyone for these reasons :slightly_smiling_face:

The dotnet-sdk-6.0 package in the Manjaro repo is inherited from Arch directly. So Arch packages it.

Arch Linux ARM does not package it, so it would be something a Manjaro ARM maintainer (likely me) would need to maintain and use time on updating/fixing.

But wouldn’t it be better for convenience and consistency to have the same packages for Manjaro on both architectures x64 and arm64? it already exists on the x64 Manjaro repo so this would make sense especially when a Arm64 version of the package exists officially.

Jellyfin might be on the AUR but it still relies on dotnet-sdk-6-0 which is on Manjaros official repo so it would just be better to have this dependency which again is already on Manjaro x64’s repos on the Arm64 repo as well since you’ve already got it on x64 Manjaro meaning less issues with package dependencies between architectures .

Ah I see so you would have to package/maintain that would you? wouldn’t it be better to be less reliant on other peoples work/packaging to make manjaro more self reliant and stronger at it’s own base even tho it’s based on Arch but being it’s own thing? Just curious on what you guys thing or how you guys role with Manjaro as I do contribute a lot here also :slight_smile:

Correct. So it would be better to ask the Arch Linux ARM maintainers, why they don’t package it.

Could just be because of the package size…

I might ask them also ask them and see if they can package it.


Here is the post link, you wish to join in, feel free :smiley:

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