Add "Desktop" to Nautilus sidepanel

Hej there!

I startet with Manjaro GNOME on my Thinkpad X230 and chose the Unity-Layout. I’m working with files on the Desktop, so I want a quick acces in Nautilus. But I just can’t find any option to configure it!

I installed Filemanager-Actions, but all the options are greyed out, and for some reason I can’t start it with sudo, the terminal just doesnt give me the option…

I installed Caja as an alternative, but it doesn’t even start!

What am I doing wrong? Is there some GNOME-Setting I need to enable or something?
Would appreciate some help :slight_smile:

Go to your Home folder and drag the Desktop icon over nautilus side panel.

Then a New Bookmark option will appear on the side panel. Drop the Desktop icon on top of it.

Now it will become a Bookmark and stay in your side panel.

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Wow, thank you! :slight_smile:
Do you also know how to rearrange it?

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I don’t know how it can be done. :thinking: You could open a new thread for that question.

Can you mark this post as solved if the original issue was solved.

Sorry. I meant to say the actual post that helped to solve the issue :smile:

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