Add dark mode toggle button

it would be nice to have a toggle button for when I’m not logged in.

If you want a button for your whole browser you can add Dark Mode for any website you want and toggle it on wish.

Available in extensions depending on your browser (I see they don’t provide links to “stores” for browser but instructions to build, its is easier to just install from the browser “store”). If you click on your browser icon when going down the page it will redirect to installation page.


It is possible on Discourse forums with plugins.

@codesardine What do you think?

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thanks omano,i tried this extension once-not the best experience- and i try to avoid installing not truly necessary add-ons,
but as it seems,until Firefox implement their own native dark mode support, i might try it again.

Yeah sometimes some website are really ugly when Dark Reader does its magic, but you can also configure alternative mode per website in the More tab when you click the icon (click the Only For This Site button first, then try the other modes, not Dynamic). It was just a quick solution as suggestion to add features for the forum could take some time, if even accepted.