Add "Copy to" and "Move to" to the rightclick context menu of the desktop itself

When saving images or saving a article, tutorial, etc that I want I simply save them to the desktop so I can review them before filing them away. I truly dislike having to use Copy and Paste when I should be able to use Copyto or Moveto right from the rightclick context menu of the desktop like I do in Dolphin. Does anyone have a way I can add those command to the desktop’s rightclick context menu? Thanks

What about drag and drop ?

That would complete defeat what I asked about.

Try this:

  1. Open Dolphin
  2. Settings → Dolphin Settings
  3. Context Menu
  4. Select Commands "Copy To" and "Move To" option
  5. Click apply.

You know have options in the context menu to copy and move files to specific places.

I know this is just for dolphin, but as the Desktop is actually a widget and not a folder, you can’t really modify the context menu that much. So if you really want to be able to do it directly from the Desktop, you could suggest it to the Plasma developers.


As I stated above I already know about that, thanks though.

File Managers are not integrated into the Desktop Environments, that option does not exist in Linux. This allows for users to choose different file managers in what ever Desktop Environment.

And that has to do with this thread how?

Because you want a file-manager action on your desktop.

I seriously doubt that the option is only tied to the file manager, not when you have copy and paste available in the context menu for the desktop.

Again. It’s not currently possible on the Plasma desktop, so it’s a feature request you need to make to the Plasma developers.

@Locutus just for clarification, “Copy & Paste” is not a function that comes from the File Manager, it is a function of the system Clip board. The function of a “File Manager” is to have more advanced features and capabilities to manage and manipulate your file system and structure. The feature you want is already in the File Manager, but what you want is to have that feature in your Desktop environment. Your only two options is to submit a feature request to Plasma desktop team as @Strit states or to build your own solution.

So neither of you know of an addon / app I can use to add the functions? That’s all the first post was asking. Thanks