Add buttons to shutdown menu

Is it possible to add “hibernate” and “hybrid sleep” buttons in the shutdown menu?

Doesn’t work: Hibernate Status Button - GNOME Shell Extensions

Yes, with an extension. That’s the only way.

Sorry, that doesn’t help anyone help you.

Please see:

Please see:

Screenshot from 2023-10-23 18-46-20
Like this :yum:

I use Bring Out Submenu Of Power Off Button - GNOME Shell Extensions

You need to make sure you have swap and bigger than ram size. Usually when installed wiping the system it will make a swap partition for you but if you kept windows and resized/repartitioned then you might not have a swap partition, but a swapfile works the same.

I only use hibernate tho. No hybrid sleep because it supposedly doens’t work with windows dual boot. Just hibernate works fine when I do it to both and that also not supposed to be done :wink: