Add Brave aarch64


Can you add brave in aarch64 repository ?
Because is available on x86_64 but not on aarch64 repository.

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It’s in the AUR.

I know that.
Sorry if my question is not clear.
Brave is in the official manjaro repos on x86_64 can you do the same on aarch64?
Without depending on AUR of course.

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Brave is a browser, based on Chromium. Chromium takes days to compile on ARM, so no. Will not add it to the repo the same way X64 did.

The brave-bin package is available in AUR and is just as easy/quick to install as the repo package would be.

You can use the binary version for manjaro too.
Or even compile via qemu for the arm.
And therefore drastically reduce the compilation time.

True. But I see no benefit in adding it to the repo.

None of our editions use it and none of our developers use it.

A team member would need to be willing to maintain the package going forward.

I understand, no worries
Anyway thank you for your answers.
But it is true that I prefer if I can to avoid the use of AUR when it is possible and passed by the internal repositories in manjaro.
I hope to one day see better load balancing between x86_64 and AARCH64.
Otherwise, I don’t know if you’ve had the opportunity to test it, but Apple M2 sound really good under Manjaro/Fedora.

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