Add a --show-url to pamac search (and maybe other)

sometimes I feel that the descriptions of packages are poor, I would like to have the ability to see the url of the source package to view the documentation. My suggestion is just to add a --show-url that returns the url that was added in the PKGBUILD so I can go look at that easier than googling.

It already does. :wink:

❯ pamac info pamac-gtk | grep URL
URL                   :

I see, could we add this option to search? I often want this when finding new packages. I’ve installed things that the documentation says don’t use, in fact I requested a removal of one such package in arch, because it’s in no way required, and is now recommending another.

I don’t think that’s feasible. Adding more info to the search results would make it cluttered and unintuitive. Search, find what you want, then read more about it.

You lost me about the second bit, sounds like it’s completely unrelated to your original request.

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not possible to write your script ? :sob:

LANG=C pacman -Si | awk -F': ' '/^Name/ {name=$2} /^Desc/ {desc=$2} /^URL/ {printf "\033[34m%-28s\033[0m %s \033[38;5;246m%s\033[0m\n",name,desc,$2}'

for “find” you can add grep

and for search new packages (i use this for manjaro stable)

# before update
pacman -Ssq | sort > "./before.pkgs"
# i make update
pacman -Ssq | sort > "./after.pkgs"

I make same command in top but replace pacman -Si * by before/after files difference (comm)

it’s an option, not something that has to be on by default. I’m not sure what you mean by second request, that’s just context.

I mean I could have written a script, but to be honest I think it should be built in to pamac search as an option

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