Add a EOL message on kernel installing

On Manjaro Settings Manager, adding a EOL tag may be fine, as you do with LTS kernels.

Like: “Note that 5.13 series is marked EOL and 5.12 got removed!” but the default is 5.13, recommended is 5.14

…there is.
Pacaman gives you a notfication when a kernel is EOL .
Just scroll up the lines from the update process in your terminal and you will find a notice. Same with .pacnew files and optional dependencies, you will be notified.
If pamac does the same, …don’t know, never used it for updates.


I am sorry. I only use GUI. My feedback is also for GUI.

You can also see those messages in Add/Remove Software when updating / installing packages under details during the operation.

Though that is true, a small flag like EOL (like there is for LTS, Experimental etc.) in MSM would be a nice touch.


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