Adapta-(Nokto)-Maia theme deprecated?

I am on Manjaro Cinnamon and like the Adapta-Maia theme very much, but i realized two things:

  1. When I open a program from the taskbar shortcut icons, these icons are not marked as open like in other desktop themes. I am missing this feature very much.
  2. The Adapta project github site got archived in 2020. So there wont be any bugfixes/new features any more.

These two points lead me to the conclusion that I should abbandon the Adapta-Maia theme in favour for an other. Right?
When I reset the cinnamon taskbar to defaults, the theme gets changed to Mint-L-Dark-Teal anyway.

Hi @Machion,

I’m no expert, but I’d say so.

The task bar can be changed in /.config./gtk-3.0/gtk.css


/* active headerbar */

headerbar {
  color: #000000 ;
  background-color: #9EC5F0 ;

/* inactive headerbar */

headerbar:backdrop {
  color: #FFFFFF ;
  background-color: #E1DEDB ;