Ad blocker with current Chromium?

Due to the now quite strange development at Mozilla, I have now struggled after many years to take a closer look at the Chromium. Please now no discussion Firefox <> Google stuff! At the moment, I am only interested in the question of whether ad blockers (especially ublock origin) still work in the current Chromium. The new restrictions should hinder that quite strongly. What is the current situation?

Please no references to any tinkering with the RasPi, that’s not for me!

Ublock Origin still works. Do you have a problem with it?

No, I have not tried it yet, just wanted to know if it still works at all.

I’m using AdBlock Plus in Chromium. Works like a charm. :man_shrugging:

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Which restrictions are you talking about?

If you’re referring to Manifest v3, they are still supporting the webRequest API (that ad blockers use) in addition to Manifest and are working with ublock and others to bring Manifest up to par with it before webRequest goes away. Granted, some are saying it isn’t a replacement for webRequest. We will have to wait and see. As of now, Manifest is in a “beta” form and they are working out the bugs. Only time will tell if it works good enough for ad blockers but there have already been some new features that replace what webRequest can do.

Also not sure what you mean by strange development at Mozilla? The layoffs?

It is correct that Google has implemented changes which restricts how extensions can intercept and manipulate connections and traffic.

There is no need to tinker with RaspberryPi - Pi-hole can be used as a standalone installation on your computer.


Google has enabled the new Manifest V3 ruleset for the extension interface with Chrome91.0. According to reports, this should significantly restrict the use of blockers to the point of making them unusable.

If you don’t want firefox but a chromium based browser there’s always vivaldi. It’s in the repos (or it was) and has inbuilt add blocking

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It is, it’s even in Arch repos directly as Firefox. Contrary to Brave that is in Manjaro repos but in the AUR for Arch.

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