Actually use EFISTUB?

Unrepentant distro-hopper.
Geriatric Noob.
Filesystem is BTRFS.
Boot Manager used is rEFInd.
Boot loader used is linux kernel (compiled with EFISTUB, which is almost any distro in the last 5 years).

Ideally (in my mind), every distro should offer to install a single / (root) with imbedded /home to whatever path specified by the user. When that has been done, the user should be advised of any required EFISTUB kernel parameters and wished good luck. In short, leave the choice of boot method, separate partitions/(subvolumes), EFI nvram entries (if any) etc are left to the user.

In this imperfect world, I normally install the distro to a separate vfat/ext4 partition pair, dig around to find the kernel parameters in (grub or whatever), create a rEFInd stanza, copy the root to the matching BTRFS subvolume, adjust the fstab and reboot. Nvram entry? NONE (EFI will seek any partition flagged ESP, and default to the first one found, which of course will be rEFInd).

Manjaro seems insistent that grub is the one and only way to boot, with a forced entry in the nvram pointing to a grub (not kernel efistub) bootloader and I am confounded with trying to find the kernel parameters.

Any suggestions?

answer is :

pacman -Ss refind
extra/refind 0.12.0-6
An EFI boot manager