ACPI No handler or method for GPE

Should i be concerned about these error messages in journalctl -b -p err

    Nov 04 11:42:52 manjaro kernel: ACPI Error: No handler or method for GPE 43, disabling event (20200528/evgpe-839)

That repeats for about 20 times!

I googled for it, there is a kernel startparameter that should prevent these messages, but i don’t know the consequences


Info from Manjaro Log Helper:

Manjaro Log Helper tells

I think these messages are not tragic?


Seems so.

On my Ryzen 7 Machine I had similar messages.
Gone by adding “noapic” and “acpi=noirq” to the startup GRUB-Menu (do it there for testing!)
No consequences, testing for some days now.

On another, very old machine “noapic” lead to a boot-loop, and “acpi=noirq” or “noacpi” did not help.
So this is highly experimental…

Add self to CC list in
and report issue about your hardware too there (in new comment).