Acer Aspire 3 HDD not recognized

New Manjaro user here, have been playing with Pop-Os so far and tryng different distros.

My problem is with Acer, and I’m not the only one I guess.

Here’s the issue, Manjaro ISO on USB doesn’t recognize the HDD unless I go into terminal and issue this command - rtcwake -u -s 2 -m mem

After the brief suspend, the HDD is available for install, but then the fun begins. Manjaro will not boot without a little help…fails to find the hard drive.
At the emergency shell, I issue the same rtcwake command and mount /dev/sdbX new_root
then continue the boot, it’s slow but does wake up.

In Pop-Os, I found the appropriate place in the initramfs code to place the rtcwake command and re-create initramfs…just before the root mount attempt. It all boots cleanly after that.

However, with the Arch architecture, I haven’t yet found how to automate the HDD wakeup and must manually issue the command every time I boot.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

The equivalent to initramfs is mkinitcpio - ArchWiki

Hm… usually the UEFI/BIOS should wake up any connected drive on initialization. At least to my knowledge after years. I guess your UEFI/BIOS skips steps to speed up booting?

welcome to the club of frustrated acer-bs-hardware.
check your bios-settings for any obscure hdd-modes etc… check for an actual bios-update if avaiable.

Aspire 3 A315-56 internal storage not showing up.

Yes … an example being that pointless “fake-RAID” which is set by default on some of those machines. Need to set it to AHCI IIRC (it’s been a while).

At least the OP apparently isn’t getting that “No bootable device” nonsense which required stripping the machine to get to the hidden CR2032 in order to reset the supervisor password …

Thanks to all of the suggestions. The solution from MrLavender was the one that worked.
I simplified the hook/install combination and performed mkinitcpio and had a successful boot.
I’ll now try the same sort of solution in Pop-Os and if it works will save me modifying source code when updates occur to the init script.

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