Account gets locked for 10 minutes after 3 failed attempts

This behaviour is super frustrating. When entering my password while talking to somebody else, the success rate is lower.

3 failed attempts happens isn’t hard to achieve. 10 minute lockout means you either reboot the computer (unsaved stuff / force closing is never good) or wait 10 minutes as the thing you needed to look up is forgotten, you look dumb, potentially when its actual work, 10 minutes in a real-time conversation of just leaving without any explanation isn’t very normal.

I want to change this. I didn’t find anything under /etc/pam.d/ with deny=3 or unlock_time=600.

To be realistic, the default should also be changed. Android is 5 attempts / 30 seconds. 5 attempts / 5 minutes or 3 attempts / 1 minute sounds reasonable to me.


That’s pretty much your fault…

That is dependent on your Display Manager (the login screen) or Session Locker (when you lock your screen). Each display manager is different.


If you’re using it’s configured via /etc/security/faillock.conf.


I am, faillock.conf worked. Thanks.

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