Account email change - confirmation email not received

This post is not about Manjaro but the Forum app itself.
I’m in the process of changing emails because the domain name for the current email will be terminated and I need to change all my logon and communication emails to the new one (close to 200!)

I found where to change my email, the problem is I never get the ‘Confirmation email’ I tried it a few times - no go
I even added a second email, but I did not get the ‘Confirmation email’???
Of course I checked the junk folders both in the client (Evolution) as well as on the mail server - they’re empty! It looks like the email never got send. Help please as the current email wont be live for much longer

Just tried it. It works fine for me for 3 different email services that I use.

It is probably your email service bouncing the email back or something.


Just so i confirm, received the notification instantly on the primary email.



I must have updated/changed 200+ logins including forums from other distros and while it wasn’t always easy I managed to change them all, so I’m not sure why it does not work with Manjaro forum??
I check the validity of the emails with online services - some returned a time out error to find the mailbox, some returned an OK.
I checked the settings at the registrar, and at the hosting provider - all seems OK
I tried re-sending the email from a other computer using Firefox browser, I tried from a Windows system using Chrome browser - non worked!
The only thing let to try is to create a new account with the new email, but then (assuming it works) I loose my history.

Edit: I usually get notification emails when I have a reply - with this post I did not receive email notifications! coincidence?

Please don’t do that - it is strictly forbidden

Please let me see if I can help you troubleshoot this issue - send me a PM with the email address as I can test it using my manjaro email address.

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I would like to send you a PM, but I looked through the FAQ and I can’t find instructions on how to send a PM??

For other users which may run into a similar issue.

The email sent from Manjaro is sent using a no-reply address and therefore no-one gets the remote response and consequently one would think there is something up with the forum software.

I have tested this on behalf of @chameau and in this test case the provider is rejecting the message as spam. Something like this

Final-Recipient: rfc822; address@example.tld
Original-Recipient: rfc822;address@example.tld
Action: failed
Status: 5.0.0
Remote-MTA: dns; mail.yourprovider.tld
Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 554 Sending address not accepted due to spam filter

If you don’t get a confirmation email - your provider may reject mails from the as spam.

Please contact your email provider as this is a provider configuration and not a Manjaro issue.


Well actually it is both. In my case the provider rejected emails from ‘’ because the associated IP is Blacklisted on They temporally ‘White-listed’ the IP so I could receive the confirmation email from Manjaro. But to permanently fix the issue, Manjaro admin have to resolve the Blacklisting with Barracudacentral - I hope they will.

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