Accidently destroyed and cannot restore GRUB Loader

Hello dear community!

Today, (at least what seemed to me) out of nowhere, my GRUB Loader partition was gone. I am using a dual-boot system with windows 10 and Linux manjaro 6.1.19-1. Consequently, I created a new fat32 partition with boot, esp flags. Then after following the guide at wiki[dot]manjaro[dot]org/index[dot]php/GRUB/Restore_the_GRUB_Bootloader and mounting the new partition to /boot/efi, my system got stuck in a black screen before getting to the grub loader. I think this is where I messed up because afterwards I deleted all entries (EFI/boot, EFI/manjaro, EFI/microsoft) using rm -R.

Since then, I can neither boot into Windows, nor does any command like os-prober or the likes find my manjaro or efi partition. Following the steps guide will now results in an empty grub bootloader (i.e. no options apart from UEFI Settings). Has anyone got an idea on how I might be able to resolve this?


The said wiki article about restoring explains it: You need to reinstall grub. Since you cannot boot, you need to boot a Manjaro live session, chroot into it and install grub.

Note that, since you removed Microsoft’s EFI file, you need to fix it on Windows. Grub will not able to boot Windows, even if you get Manjaro booting, since this file is not there.