Accidentally set screen calibration and now my screens black

Hey guys I am a idiot and shouldn’t of done this but I tested a screen calibration profile that it said wouldn’t work properly but now my screen is black but my mouse is still there. How do I reset the screen calibration profile but the the standard SRGB profile and is there a command I can do to easily reset it?

I found this on the Arch wiki about colord but it’s not showing my display ID and no display information, it works on my notebook

Can anyone please help? I need to get back on my PC

How did you set it up?

Stop/disable colord and/or xiccd. Did you modify the xinitrc?

For quick fix create another user and use this one for now maybe?

Just went into the gnome settings and changed it and no, I did it all in gnome settings

I could but the login screen has also been affected by it…

This really shouldn’t be a issue and should revert back to a default srgb profile if a profile doesn’t work in gnome, no idea if the specific profile works on anything else didn’t work on mine lol.

Again I know it’s my fault but I am in a but of a rush and need my desktop, going to do a fresh gnome install but I will report what profile it was that causes the issue so you guys can test and confirm if it’s a problematic ICC profile

Don’t forget to install and use Timeshift next time :wink: It will save you in these situation were you modify the system and break it (for a user modified setting then it is easy no need for Timeshift, just debug from another fresh user).

Last time I attempted to use timeshift it resulted in a broken unbootable installation

Using Timeshift is really as simple as:

  • Installing Timeshift
  • Starting Timeshift, going to its Settings (or doing the first launch wizzard thing, not sure)
  • Disabling all automatic snapshots (my recommendation, Having regular unneeded snapshots is a waste in my opinion)
  • Selecting the OS disk with Rsync for the snapshots (my recommendation as Timeshift for me is just there in case I mess up some system config, or a bad update breaks something, just to go back).
  • Making a snapshot when you feel like it, before major change to the system, before a major update, things like that)

I don’t see how using Timeshift would break your system.

There also is snapper :wink:

For those who don´t want to use timeshift (, or have bad memories)

I know it’s that easy and that is exactly what I did, I never said it was hard I said it resulted in a broken system as in when I did a restore with it the system was broken.

That’s my experience using it once before but I don’t dislike the application and hope next time I use it that it works correctly.