Accidentally managed to completely uninstall my graphics drivers

Title, I was being stupid and accidentally managed to completely mess up my pc by uninstalling all drivers so I’m in text only mode now. Is there any way to reinstall from text only mode?

Look at /var/log/pacman.log to see what packages you uninstalled and try reinstalling them.

When I try to use mhwd it says the command is not found. Any suggestions?

Then you removed core manjaro components and @Yochanan’s answer is still as valuable as last time you posted that :wink:

Suggestions? Sure, don’t delete your post so you can say the same thing again. Completely ignoring advice certainly won’t help. Help us help you.

You could have already reinstalled by now. Either way, make backups. Search the forum, plenty of tips.

Did I mention backups?

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I think you forgot backups.
If I’m in a rush, it’s 6 minutes for a USB install then 8 minutes for timeshift-restore.
Maybe you need to talk more about backups. They’re essential for recovering from stupid mistakes you might not want to bring up in the forum.

Backups? Backups backups backups. Backups backups, backups backups. Backups!



Really? Backups waste so much disk space. May I simply suggest not making mistakes, especially stupid ones? I don’t have backups and I make sure I never make mistakes. Works great! :wink:

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I prefer the “understand how things work” so “you know how to recover”.
(and of course the first part tends to cut down on the need for the second)

But backups are for when either that cannot be relied upon, or doesnt meet the fail-safe standards of a given operation. From newbies to servers there can be decent reasons.

Still never personally had one though. Or needed it.
No backup crew :japanese_ogre: :black_flag:

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Lolz - a perfectly valid concept. Surely you can do this AND keep some timeshift snaps in the background…

For me, especially, when my son says he wants to watch some TV, then the computer must go on and it must work. To fail is unthinkable… hence the need for an alternative.

manjaro-chroot -a
sudo pacman -Syyu

sudo mhwd -r pci $(mhwd -li |grep ‘video-’ | awk ‘{print $1}’)
sudo mhwd -a pci free 0300

There is several possible solutions - where this first may get you on foot - then you can do some adjustment - the command is - sort of - catch all

pacman -Syu xorg-drivers

Then reboot - you may not have the optimal drivers - but you can go from there